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Insanity on wheels
Not to be out done by the olympics opener, a few moto-heads had to choreograph there own little intro, titled
Insanity on wheels (2 minute video).

A member contributed this golden oldie (6.8 MB video file) from yester-year. After watching this, do you think we could do similarly during the Austin Congress Ave parade?
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59'2" FEET! Ronnie Renner's World Record Jump

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP)—Freestyle motocross star Ronnie Renner
established a world record
Friday night (7/11/2008) when he jumped 59 feet, 2 inches
on a quarterpipe on the Santa Monica Pier.

Renner hit the height on his sixth jump in front of an estimated 20,000
people. The figure will be submitted to Guinness World Records for

“I’m totally blown away that I went 59 feet,” said Renner, who was
shooting for at least 50 feet. “I can’t believe the fan turnout.
Everything was absolutely perfect. The fifth and sixth ones, I was
giving it everything I had.”

Renner went just over 54 feet on his third jump, then was just under 53
feet on his fourth attempt. After going just more than 53 feet on his
fifth jump, he decided to do a last jump for the crowd.

“All or nothing,” he said. “I knew what I needed to do on the last one,
all for the crowd. Way past my goal of 50 feet. I’m just pumped on this.
Never jump when they say, ‘One more time.’ But I’m glad I did it—five
feet higher and I rode away to talk about it.”

Renner rode up an 18-foot quarterpipe and made a sweeping, 180-degree
arc that brought him down onto a landing ramp measuring 25 feet high and
64 feet wide.

It was the third jump in the Red Bull Experiment series, following
record-setting performances of fellow motocross rider Robbie Maddison
and BMX star Kevin Robinson.

Maddison jumped the length of a football field on New Year’s Eve,
clearing 322 feet, 7 1/2 inches at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in
Las Vegas. On June 12, Robinson soared 27 feet above the lip of a huge
quarterpipe in New York’s Central Park to set the BMX big air world record.
AMA Toyota Motocross Championship: Exclusive Live Event Webcasts and Event Coverage on
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Pit Pass Radio - Weekly Motorcycle Talk Show

Pit Pass Radio - Weekly Motorcycle Talk Show
News release

Top people from the motorcycle industry give their uncut opinions and race stories. Get your weekly motorcycle news live from Pit Pass Radio.
7 PM to 9 PM Central - streaming from
- First Hour -
Trey Canard - Motocross Racer, Torco Racing Fuels Honda
Recently, Trey Canard won the 2008 East Coast Lites Championship. He had an amazing season and fought hard for his first championship. He rides for the Torco Racing Fuels Honda Team and lives in Elk City, Oklahoma. Trey joins us to talk about the SX season and preview the upcoming MX series. 

$100± Action/Helmet Cam
Are you looking to video record your moto adventures? Well here's a few $100 helmet cameras that just may have you posting yourself on YouTube sooner than you think... enjoy and please send me your personal review of any Helmet cam to added below.

Tony Hawk HelmetCam
Tony Hawk HelmetCam image
Fifteen frames per second + audio (sorry no stabilization).
* Movies: AVI files
* Images: JPG and BMP files
* Sounds: WAV files

Export supports the following formats:
* Movies: AVI and WMV files
* Images: JPG and BMP files

Personal rewiew by: John Middleton:
I own a Tony Hawk Helmet cam and have use this to record many moto excursions (eg. cloudcroft '07). While it is a bit awarkward this camera takes some experience to properly aim. There is no viewfinder to analyse the video being recorded until after finished and downloaded to your computer. It's also a bit sensitive to shock and struggles to record faster video events. Be aware you can record only 15 minutes of continues video before it automatically shuts off. This feature is to save file size and ease managability of multiple sessions. It's helpful to have another person verify the recording mode (flashing display), quite difficult to tell if it's recording or not when you are alone. In all I am satisified with this helmet cam for it's desposible cost ($50). I managed to score it for under $50 (not includung already owned SC memory card). Also a major positive for me is, I am able to use this with my Mac and even convert it to other video formats with additional Mac software. Use these pricing utilities to search for deals (, also posted on the AMSA Dec '04 Link of the Month.

PS. Well I just discovered one downside to this cam. This weekend the camera snapped off from it's base while taking a mear 35 MPH tumble. But never fear E-bay is near. Luckily it wasn't I doing the tumbling, it was on loan.

Oregon Scientific ATC2K Waterproof Action Cam

Oregon Scientific ATC2K Waterproof Action Cam image
The ATC2K Waterproof Action Cam is a digital video camera with a bunch of straps and mounts that let you connect it to a bike helmet, handlebar or other equipment for recording of "action sports" types of action. When activated, the camera records in "first-person" style, giving you the chance to show off your biking, skiing, snowboarding or other adventures. The camera is waterproof up to 10 feet, and includes shock resistance for "extreme" conditions. The camera records at VGA resolution (640 by 480) at 30 frames per second, which isn't the best resolution for high-speed motion, but this helps keep the cost of the camera down, of course. The camera records in AVI format, and can record on its own internal memory (32MB) or directly onto an SD card (not included).

Check out the full review.

Retail Price: $129.99 but we're here for you to beat that!


Meet the H4 Campack from O'Neill

oneil h4 helmet cam
which bests the H3 launched last year with increased durability, better controls, an integrated media player, and a true video camera (not just a video extender). The included 2.4-inch, 240k color, media player boasts a 512MB of internal memory and 2GB SD card expandability. That allows for about 2 hours of 320 x 240 pixel @ 25fps recordings from the sub-megapixel CMOS camera which can be helmet mounted. A button panel on the shoulder strap controls the recordings which can be dumped back to the PC via the player's USB jack or SD card reader. Unlike the H3, however, O'Neill has ditch the iPod integration and Bluetooth module for cellphone linkage. In fact, there doesn't seem to be any way to playback audio through connected headphones -- the 3.5-mm jack is for the external button controller. Nor does it feature a solar charging panel like the H2. If you're still interested, it should pop for retail in for about $398. Video demonstration and more info.

Blog posts tagged helmet cam / tag / helmetcam

Now days everyones on the Google band wagon. Well if your not happy with the TON Classifieds forum then this may be for you. A mashup of Google Maps, E-Bay, Amazon for motorcycles and more.
Dead Engine Starts
Dead Engine Starts with Mike Lafferty
Although the start is not as crucial in a three-hour off-road race as it is in a motocross, the best way to get to the front of the field... read more

Four-Stroke Dead-Engine Starts with Scott Summers
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Alternate Smoother Lines with Barry Hawk
Alternate Smoother Lines with Barry Hawk
There's a characteristic of racing and riding in woods and many other off-road situations that's hard to ignore: People tend to go where others have gone before them. That's often the safest thing to do, since there could be unseen dangers lurking just off the main trail. Read more...
12 Top MX Riding Tips To Get You Motocross Racing
Learn the 12 Top Tips To Get You Racing Motocross brought to you from, Jesse Ziegler.
Metric Conversions
Here's some American to Metric conversion charts that may come in handy mounted on the wall in your shop as well as mine.
All-OffRoad FAQs (frequently-asked questions)
All-OffRoad FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

• What type of dirt bike would you recommend for a beginner?
• What other resources should they take advantage of when deciding on a bike?
• What are your recommendations for riding gear for beginners?
• How about maintenance tips?
• OK, so I have a bike and riding gear, what's next?
• Well, how should I find places to ride and people to ride with?
• Do you have any last advice for new riders?
How to Fit Graphics
Fitting a set of new graphics is a universal challenge to all riders. To help simplify the task of applying a splash of colour and protection to your plastics, we called on Aussie graphic manufacturer, Craig Pownall of Ringmaster images, who's been producing and applying graphics for over 10 years. - PDF article
Dirtbike Jetting
Dirtbike Jetting - When setting the jetting, there are a number of variables and components to consider. It's a tricky process for the uninitiated, but not impossible, and with a few easy lessons on how to make adjustments to your two or four-stroke carby, you'll notice significant performance, reliability and economy improvements.
PDF article
Dual Chamber Forks
Dual Chamber Forks
Suspension tuner Terry hay has discovered a flaw in the Kayaba system where oil is able to leak from the inner into the outer chamber when the fork is fully compressed. Fortunately Terry has developed a simple fix. We'll also take you through the basics of fork design and operation, and how exactly the dual chamber system works.
PDF Article
Repack Your Own Muffler
Repack Your Own Muffler - PDF article
The Pros and Cons of hydraulic and cable clutches
The Pros and Cons of hydraulic and cable clutches.
PDF article
Dr Ross Q & A - Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine
Technical guru Ross McWatters helps confront the tough technical issues down under at Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine.
I'm not exactly sure what to say abaout this except it's a adult Pogo Stik. Watch this video and see how this creative moto-derivative contraption came to be. Marketing with humor, A+!
I actually got to experience riding one and pleanty of ridicule at a TORCS race (Thanks to Brian Lansdale - here's your plug - Lansdale Automotive Repair & Wrecker Service in Georgetown Tx.)

None the less it certianly is a fun exercise tool and will wear you douwn, build stamina, balance, and endurance. Check out the extreame videos too.
The Moto Channel
The Moto Channel: Subscription or Pay-Per-View Internet video moto racing worldwide.
Over 100 hours of live & on-demand racing.
Filter Filters
Filter Filters
(Disposable single use air filter-liner).
$20.00 for pack of 100 Filter Filters.

Back in 1990 I had an idea while dressing for a job in a semiconductor clean room. If you are familiar, you have to wear a clean room outfit covering from head to toe. Yes even those goofy hair nets -- wait! What if I used a thin hair net over my dirt-bike air filter, maybe I have something here (Filter Filters). Simply apply a little air filter oil and place it over a clean dirt-bike filter. I soon registered my idea from one of those TV inventors adds to obtain a filed registration, also filed for a Trademark ™ and obtained a DBA and started JCo (Johns company).
Developed the packaging myself supplied a few to the local shops (usually free). Long story shortened a few months later I see adds in the motorcycle magazines for a similar product (Filter skns: for $16.95 a pack of 3, I don't think so, and you're suppose to wash them, NOT! LOL!) . After seeing these I realized the TV inventors free service was a front to steal inventions & ideas (live & learn). However the product they made was far worse than my Filter Filters.
Their cotton material was thicker, uniform threads, where-as the Filter Filters were thin, random poly-thread spun, water-resistant material (helps to prevent rain from soaking into the foam). I actually compared the two in a wind tunnel for air throughput/resistance. The Filter FIlter was superior for air through-put/resistance. Basically Filter Filters allowed more air while providing the same functional benefit and disposable and a lot cheaper. All great but what can a working class guy do (not much without shelling out $). I believe the product will sell it self if worthy - I'm my own #1 customer, and that's just fine, but I don't want to hinder your access, so...

It's time to offer Filter Filters back into the eyes of local riders. I use a Filter Filter every time I clean my air filter. Basically allowing me to ride twice without having to clean my air filter. Once with a Filter Filter and once again when removed. That's a 50% reduction in Air Filter Maintenance! (sorta the point - of the idea).

If you'd like a Filter Filter simply contact me, I'll happily give you a free sample. I'm sure you'll quickly discover the benefits for yourself fairly quickly.

I'm not much of a salesman (I'm not pushy at all). In fact I'll honestly tell you up front these are ordinary 'hair nets' and if you have a source for them put them to use on your dirt-bike. If you don't I'm your guy, I have a large resource and I'll happily sell you some at a very reasonable price. I'd prefer to sell a 100 pack of Filter Filters for $20.00, that's .20 cents each. You'll soon realize a 100 Filter Filter will last you a year or more (depending on how often you ride of course). So if you're up for less Air Filter cleaning/maintenance and more riding then contact me (John Middleton) at:

This is an AMSA Tip you won't be disappointed with. Money back guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with the Filter Filter product. A refund will be issued for all unused product. I encourage you to ask other AMSA members about Filter Filters. I've been selling and giving them to riders for over 16 years. This is a tip you really should try. The hard part is getting together with me, but that's not all that hard... call/e-mail and let's ride! My telephone information is on
AMSA officesrs page. Motorcycle Parts Unlimited, LTD. INC. and TJ's Cycles stock them so call today.

Sandy's 506a Bike Wash
Folks this is a hand-me-down Austin home-grown Moto-tip! AMSA member Doug Paley originated this years ago (I believe), so thank Doug when you see him. If you know Doug you know his equipment is always clean. I believe he tries to dodge rain drops while riding, that's what I'm saying C L E A N. Sure there are other bike cleaners available just as good, possibly better, but they're not Austin based, nor $6 a gallon for concentrate.

First I'll admit Sandy's
506a isn't a grease remover you'll need something else for grease removal. For the removal of dirt and mud you can't beat Sandy's 506a. The first few times you use this product you'll actually be disappointed. This stuff takes time to work it's wonders (like all great things). It coats the metal, plastic, and rubber surfaces, making the next wash even better. After about the third or forth wash it's more visible how clean your bike is with little effort. Sandy's 506a comes in a 1 gallon concentrate jug. You will need to dilute what you spray priior to approximately 30% Sandy's 506a liquid concentrate and 70% water into a spray bottle and spray your bike down until fully wet. Those pressure spayers become handy for this else a Windex spay bottle will work. Let it soak 5-10 minutes and use a garden hose to spray your bike off. I use a water ballon filler tip to allow my garden hose to have a single power stream of water pressure to get into those hard to reach areas. A hand brush for the rims, spokes and chain, that's it! I wont deny some brush scrubbing may be recommended for the WOW That's Clean factor but it doesn't take much.
Seriously the more you use this the better it cleans your equipment, so don't give up after one or two less than perfect outcomes. Plus as a bonus, you know what it is actually made for? - janitorial home/business cleaning (counter tops, floors, etc.), so what's to loose, nada. If you'd like me prove just how valuable this "AMSA Tip" is you are welcome to come to my house, heck I may even bring my bike to your place (if you supply some good brew) and I'll let you wash my bike and proove it. Winking

Last but not least... Sandy's 506a is also a fertilizer for your lawn (seriously). However like all fertilizers you really don't want it to get into the water run offs and creeks because the soap is not as friendly there. Be aware and responsible use it away from creeks, lakes, etc.

Say hi while you're at Sandys from AMSA (motorcycle club) they've been getting our business for some time now and are a friendly small Austin business.

PS. Notice their address is #506a same as their flagship product.
Just clean fun.

Sandy's Supply
(512) 478-8209
506 Walsh St
Austin, TX 78703
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Product Reviews/Training, Riding & MX Health Tips!
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There are simply too many to list - goto:
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