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Jul 2006
This post is a bit off topic but with balancing family, work, and hobbies one essential part of all our lives is music. I recently discovered a Web site that helps you discover new music 'you enjoy'. This Web site applies the social network sharing technology with music. You register (or not) and search for music that appeals to you. Based on the music you like and listen too and rate, either 'Thumbs Up' or 'Thumbs Down'. Based from your selections you make the Web site will suggest other music that others who like similar genres (music). The more you listen and build your rating profile the better the suggestions are. This is certainly an innovative music Web site worth exploring,

If you like you can discover similar technology for Web surfing using; Select your categories of interest and stumble around the WWW and discover some amazing stuff and some other thumbs down sites. Of course your first 'Thumbs-Up' here should be AMSA's Home page. Winking
Filter Filters
Filter Filters
(Disposable single use air filter-liner).
$20.00 for pack of 100 Filter Filters.

Back in 1990 I had an idea while dressing for a job in a semiconductor clean room. If you are familiar, you have to wear a clean room outfit covering from head to toe. Yes even those goofy hair nets -- wait! What if I used a thin hair net over my dirt-bike air filter, maybe I have something here (Filter Filters). Simply apply a little air filter oil and place it over a clean dirt-bike filter. I soon registered my idea from one of those TV inventors adds to obtain a filed registration, also filed for a Trademark ™ and obtained a DBA and started JCo (Johns company).
Developed the packaging myself supplied a few to the local shops (usually free). Long story shortened a few months later I see adds in the motorcycle magazines for a similar product (Filter skns: for $16.95 a pack of 3, I don't think so, and you're suppose to wash them, NOT! LOL!) . After seeing these I realized the TV inventors free service was a front to steal inventions & ideas (live & learn). However the product they made was far worse than my Filter Filters.
Their cotton material was thicker, uniform threads, where-as the Filter Filters were thin, random poly-thread spun, water-resistant material (helps to prevent rain from soaking into the foam). I actually compared the two in a wind tunnel for air throughput/resistance. The Filter FIlter was superior for air through-put/resistance. Basically Filter Filters allowed more air while providing the same functional benefit and disposable and a lot cheaper. All great but what can a working class guy do (not much without shelling out $). I believe the product will sell it self if worthy - I'm my own #1 customer, and that's just fine, but I don't want to hinder your access, so...

It's time to offer Filter Filters back into the eyes of local riders. I use a Filter Filter every time I clean my air filter. Basically allowing me to ride twice without having to clean my air filter. Once with a Filter Filter and once again when removed. That's a 50% reduction in Air Filter Maintenance! (sorta the point - of the idea).

If you'd like a Filter Filter simply contact me, I'll happily give you a free sample. I'm sure you'll quickly discover the benefits for yourself fairly quickly.

I'm not much of a salesman (I'm not pushy at all). In fact I'll honestly tell you up front these are ordinary 'hair nets' and if you have a source for them put them to use on your dirt-bike. If you don't I'm your guy, I have a large resource and I'll happily sell you some at a very reasonable price. I'd prefer to sell a 100 pack of Filter Filters for $20.00, that's .20 cents each. You'll soon realize a 100 Filter Filter will last you a year or more (depending on how often you ride of course). So if you're up for less Air Filter cleaning/maintenance and more riding then contact me (John Middleton) at:

This is an AMSA Tip you won't be disappointed with. Money back guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with the Filter Filter product. A refund will be issued for all unused product. I encourage you to ask other AMSA members about Filter Filters. I've been selling and giving them to riders for over 16 years. This is a tip you really should try. The hard part is getting together with me, but that's not all that hard... call/e-mail and let's ride! My telephone information is on
AMSA officesrs page. Motorcycle Parts Unlimited, LTD. INC. and TJ's Cycles stock them so call today.

Sandy's 506a Bike Wash
Folks this is a hand-me-down Austin home-grown Moto-tip! AMSA member Doug Paley originated this years ago (I believe), so thank Doug when you see him. If you know Doug you know his equipment is always clean. I believe he tries to dodge rain drops while riding, that's what I'm saying C L E A N. Sure there are other bike cleaners available just as good, possibly better, but they're not Austin based, nor $6 a gallon for concentrate.

First I'll admit Sandy's
506a isn't a grease remover you'll need something else for grease removal. For the removal of dirt and mud you can't beat Sandy's 506a. The first few times you use this product you'll actually be disappointed. This stuff takes time to work it's wonders (like all great things). It coats the metal, plastic, and rubber surfaces, making the next wash even better. After about the third or forth wash it's more visible how clean your bike is with little effort. Sandy's 506a comes in a 1 gallon concentrate jug. You will need to dilute what you spray priior to approximately 30% Sandy's 506a liquid concentrate and 70% water into a spray bottle and spray your bike down until fully wet. Those pressure spayers become handy for this else a Windex spay bottle will work. Let it soak 5-10 minutes and use a garden hose to spray your bike off. I use a water ballon filler tip to allow my garden hose to have a single power stream of water pressure to get into those hard to reach areas. A hand brush for the rims, spokes and chain, that's it! I wont deny some brush scrubbing may be recommended for the WOW That's Clean factor but it doesn't take much.
Seriously the more you use this the better it cleans your equipment, so don't give up after one or two less than perfect outcomes. Plus as a bonus, you know what it is actually made for? - janitorial home/business cleaning (counter tops, floors, etc.), so what's to loose, nada. If you'd like me prove just how valuable this "AMSA Tip" is you are welcome to come to my house, heck I may even bring my bike to your place (if you supply some good brew) and I'll let you wash my bike and proove it. Winking

Last but not least... Sandy's 506a is also a fertilizer for your lawn (seriously). However like all fertilizers you really don't want it to get into the water run offs and creeks because the soap is not as friendly there. Be aware and responsible use it away from creeks, lakes, etc.

Say hi while you're at Sandys from AMSA (motorcycle club) they've been getting our business for some time now and are a friendly small Austin business.

PS. Notice their address is #506a same as their flagship product.
Just clean fun.

Sandy's Supply
(512) 478-8209
506 Walsh St
Austin, TX 78703
Product Reviews/Training, Riding & MX Health Tips!
Product Reviews/Training, Riding & MX Health Tips!
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There are simply too many to list - goto:
The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005
The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005
The best Web 2.0 software that I've come across so far.
I told you so..., Netvibes, Voo2do, digg, Flickr, Openomy,, Writely, CalendarHub, Basecamp.
Also see:
100 web 2.0 tools if you liked above.
Create and Publish a Podcast—for FREE
Create and Publish a Podcast—for FREE
Bubblesnaps / Say What
If you've got pictures, some friends, and a little iimagination... then what are you waiting for? Bubblesnaps.
SayWhat is for adding amusing cartoon speech bubbles to a picture. Then you can share it with friends and family. (No registration required).
Hyper Upload / File Transfer

HyperUpload - (10MB) is an online one click free hosting for any of your needs. There is no registration and no fees. There is nothing to install and there is no special adware or spyware required. All you need for it to start working is your browser. We shall host your files for any amount of time and totally for free, until you will not need them. A file can be up to 10mb. - I personally prefer (100mb) or better yet YouSendIt (1GB) - and Send huge files over the net. The advantage is this Hyperupload requires no registration. But remember my blob post (also here), you can always use this to register and avoid spam.

Ever wonder how and where I find my interesting links to share? Well one such place is This is a newer angle of Social Bookmarking similar to, digg, and the mosh pit for news. I guarantee you'll find something you'll like on these and please remember you can always share the exceptional links with me. Who knows perhaps it will make a AMSA Link of the Month. Here comes happy times roaming the net, don't be surprised if you learn something new Happy.
Image Editors (Online!) ( This is a newer Web 2.0 application (as well as allowing you edit resize and apply effects to your photos online. This operates just like a graphic editing application. Goto, then maneuver over to the 'FILE' menu and select 'OPEN' to get started. Wow - no excuses now! Winking

online resize website utility developed for digital camera owners, webmasters, people travelling, my sister or anybody who quickly wants to resize a digital image for email or publishing on a Web site. No need to open a photo editor to do this!
Resize your digital photo images in three easy steps!

There are a few things to learn about using photographs on the Web in order to share them.
First choose a file format compatible on all computers, such as .Gif (for drawings or animation and transparent images), .JPEG for photographs, or the newer .PNG format. Most other formats such as .BMP are native only to PC computers not the Web, Mac's, or Linux systems (for the most part) can not read these files as easily. Once you have the correct photo format the second concern is to realize the differences in pixel density which is measured in Dots Per Inch (DPI). The maximum DPI a monitor can utilize is 96 DPI. Usually 72 DPI will suit just fine for viewing on a computer monitor. Reducing the DPI and (JPG quality to around 34%) will dramatically reduce the photograph file size without any visible difference on a computer monitor. You need high DPI pixel density only for printing. The purpose of reducing high pixel density photos is so you may quickly upload, and/or view them via the Web/UseNet/E-Mail, etc. Printing is not really the purpose for a Web browser, keeping the file size low speeds display, transfer, etc.

This image utility does not have features for reducing the quality or pixel density (bummer I know), it will only resize your photo, effectively making the file size smaller to some extent. Most E-mail servers have an attachment file size limit (usually around 2MB - 5MB). You can use to transfer files up to 100mb (for free). Where was I... oh.
By the way you should never try to make a small photo larger, that's like looking at a newspaper photo with a magnifying glass (try it, you'll see what happens). If you have a large megapixel digital camera you should become aware of these differenes for print verses Web photos/display/sharing.

FYI... The forums require attachments to be 1.5MB or less. This is usually the need for smaller image files. There are literally hundreds of graphic editing software packages available (both commercial and free).

If you're still wanting more and can't shell out for Adobe Photoshop (the #1 Photo Editing software) the best I can recommend is looking at the "The 46 Best-ever Freewware Utilities" (also listed here) or possibly software directories such as or Both are excellent starting points allowing you to search (by keyword - eg. photo editor) and reading about available software. Hope this helps! Winking
Google Web - beta
Create your own web pages, quickly and easily
Google Page Creator is a free online tool that makes it easy for anyone to create and publish useful, attractive web pages in just minutes.
• No technical knowledge required.
Build high-quality web pages without having to learn HTML or use complex software.
• What you see is what you'll get.
Edit your pages right in your browser, seeing exactly how your finished product will look every step along the way.
• Don't worry about hosting.
Your web pages will live on your own site at

Google Page Creator is a Google Labs project, and is still in an early testing phase. If you're interested in taking it for a test drive, login with your Gmail account to begin making pages. If you don't have a Gmail account and you have a mobile phone, you can sign up here. You can also locate free GMail invite codes from many other Web resources. I recommend this method rather than sharing your cell number possibly open to phone spam. You may have to get tricky and remember the post also on this blog. Obviously Goggle is trying to identify each GMail account/user (via cell phone, or invite email address), but I prefer incognito.
| is a useful service that allows you to subscribe to any blog or RSS feed by e-mail. Converts feed and blog updates into email digests, delivered daily to subscribers' inboxes.