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Aug 2008
Moto Idiot Cross
motoidiot Moto Idiot Cross
Need For Adventure
needforadventure Need For Adventure
Squeezy Rider
squeezyrider Squeezy Rider
Moto Urban Fever
motocrossurbanfever Moto Urban Fever
Moto Racer
motoracer Moto Racer
Street Ride
streetride Street Ride
Moto GP
motogp Moto GP
Heavy Metal Rider
heavymetalrider Heavy Metal Rider
Heavy Metal Football
heavymetal Heavy Metal Football
Dirt Bike 4
dirtbike4 Dirtbike 4
Tiger-Cross Tigercross
Trial Bikerz
trialbikerz Trial Bikerz
Nuclear Bike
nuclearbike Nuclear Bike
Kid Bike
kidbike Kid Bike
You too can be (Doug Domokos) the Wheelie King  .
trial Trial
Top Trials Bike
toptrailbike Top Trials Bike
Bike Racer
bikeracinggame Bike Racer
Trials Dynamite
trialsdynamite Trials Dynamite
Try to cause as much damage as you can by hitting the dynamite!
Wholly Flying Cycles - Batman!
Larry Neal (Butterfly LLC) from north Texas/Oklahoma area has patented the "Sky Cycle" the first production Flying Motorcycle. I wonder if you need both a motorcycle license and pilots license? I imagine I could jump the Grand Canyon with one of these beauties.

Insanity on wheels
Not to be out done by the olympics opener, a few moto-heads had to choreograph there own little intro, titled
Insanity on wheels (2 minute video).

A member contributed this golden oldie (6.8 MB video file) from yester-year. After watching this, do you think we could do similarly during the Austin Congress Ave parade?
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