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Nov 2007
$100± Action/Helmet Cam
Are you looking to video record your moto adventures? Well here's a few $100 helmet cameras that just may have you posting yourself on YouTube sooner than you think... enjoy and please send me your personal review of any Helmet cam to added below.

Tony Hawk HelmetCam
Tony Hawk HelmetCam image
Fifteen frames per second + audio (sorry no stabilization).
* Movies: AVI files
* Images: JPG and BMP files
* Sounds: WAV files

Export supports the following formats:
* Movies: AVI and WMV files
* Images: JPG and BMP files

Personal rewiew by: John Middleton:
I own a Tony Hawk Helmet cam and have use this to record many moto excursions (eg. cloudcroft '07). While it is a bit awarkward this camera takes some experience to properly aim. There is no viewfinder to analyse the video being recorded until after finished and downloaded to your computer. It's also a bit sensitive to shock and struggles to record faster video events. Be aware you can record only 15 minutes of continues video before it automatically shuts off. This feature is to save file size and ease managability of multiple sessions. It's helpful to have another person verify the recording mode (flashing display), quite difficult to tell if it's recording or not when you are alone. In all I am satisified with this helmet cam for it's desposible cost ($50). I managed to score it for under $50 (not includung already owned SC memory card). Also a major positive for me is, I am able to use this with my Mac and even convert it to other video formats with additional Mac software. Use these pricing utilities to search for deals (, also posted on the AMSA Dec '04 Link of the Month.

PS. Well I just discovered one downside to this cam. This weekend the camera snapped off from it's base while taking a mear 35 MPH tumble. But never fear E-bay is near. Luckily it wasn't I doing the tumbling, it was on loan.

Oregon Scientific ATC2K Waterproof Action Cam

Oregon Scientific ATC2K Waterproof Action Cam image
The ATC2K Waterproof Action Cam is a digital video camera with a bunch of straps and mounts that let you connect it to a bike helmet, handlebar or other equipment for recording of "action sports" types of action. When activated, the camera records in "first-person" style, giving you the chance to show off your biking, skiing, snowboarding or other adventures. The camera is waterproof up to 10 feet, and includes shock resistance for "extreme" conditions. The camera records at VGA resolution (640 by 480) at 30 frames per second, which isn't the best resolution for high-speed motion, but this helps keep the cost of the camera down, of course. The camera records in AVI format, and can record on its own internal memory (32MB) or directly onto an SD card (not included).

Check out the full review.

Retail Price: $129.99 but we're here for you to beat that!


Meet the H4 Campack from O'Neill

oneil h4 helmet cam
which bests the H3 launched last year with increased durability, better controls, an integrated media player, and a true video camera (not just a video extender). The included 2.4-inch, 240k color, media player boasts a 512MB of internal memory and 2GB SD card expandability. That allows for about 2 hours of 320 x 240 pixel @ 25fps recordings from the sub-megapixel CMOS camera which can be helmet mounted. A button panel on the shoulder strap controls the recordings which can be dumped back to the PC via the player's USB jack or SD card reader. Unlike the H3, however, O'Neill has ditch the iPod integration and Bluetooth module for cellphone linkage. In fact, there doesn't seem to be any way to playback audio through connected headphones -- the 3.5-mm jack is for the external button controller. Nor does it feature a solar charging panel like the H2. If you're still interested, it should pop for retail in for about $398. Video demonstration and more info.

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Suzuki Biplane
From the two-wheeled side of the business, Suzuki will present the Biplane concept motorcycle in Tokyo next month. If you're looking for a bunch of technical details, all we can tell you for certain is that it's powered by a V4 of undetermined size. Beyond that, this particular design study is aircraft-inspired in that the intent is to give the rider the same feeling as being in an open-canopied biplane. Seeing as how all motorcycles put the rider close to nature, we're not sure how the Biplane's different than any other bike in this regard. The styling's neat, though. Looks like something freshly torn out of a Hot Wheels blister pack!

[Source: Suzuki]
A scooter with - feet
All I can do is laugh. LOL!
Yamaha Bobby bike

Who would’ve thought the day would come where an electric commuter vehicle would feature Internet connectivity?

Yamaha Bobby bike So, you are an internet addict and want to stay connected all the time but, you miss that connection badly when you are on your bike for a joy ride. The Bobby prototype from Yamaha Motor is an electric commuter vehicle that won’t let you loose even a single moment.
Yamaha’s Electric Bike
Yamaha electric bike This compact electric bike, the EC-02 from Yamaha, costs just under $2000. First introduced in Japan two years ago, the EC-02 is similar to the Enertia motorcycle. But this scooter has more modest specs: a top speed of 18 MPH and a range of 40 miles. So it’s more suitable for commuters and scooting around in your neighborhood. There’s also a special iPod edition of the EC-02, that has a built-in iPod dock.
TG Motocross 3: Australia
TG Motocross 3: Austrailia TG Motocross 3: Australia
Travel Down Under and conquer the outback in a new challenging TG Motocross adventure!