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Sep 2007
Cool Phone Tools
It does only one thing, but it does it oh, so well. On the home page, just type in a cell phone number and a brief message ("Pick up dry cleaning") and this site sends it out as a text message to that phone on the date and at the time you specify.
Most of us have at least three phone numbers—home, work, cell—and don't always know which one to give out, or later regret the choice we made. Grand Central is a free, one-number-ringing-multiple-phones routing service that solves all these problems, while giving you a level of control over your calls that earlier services like it did not. To get started, Grand Central assigns you a number (you can ask for a particular area code, then choose from a list) and you set up the forwarding rules.
Motorcycles from watch parts
Motorcycles from watch parts.... Cool I want one!
Now days everyones on the Google band wagon. Well if your not happy with the TON Classifieds forum then this may be for you. A mashup of Google Maps, E-Bay, Amazon for motorcycles and more.