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Mar 2007
I'm not exactly sure what to say abaout this except it's a adult Pogo Stik. Watch this video and see how this creative moto-derivative contraption came to be. Marketing with humor, A+!
I actually got to experience riding one and pleanty of ridicule at a TORCS race (Thanks to Brian Lansdale - here's your plug - Lansdale Automotive Repair & Wrecker Service in Georgetown Tx.)

None the less it certianly is a fun exercise tool and will wear you douwn, build stamina, balance, and endurance. Check out the extreame videos too.
Yahoo Pipes (search engine)
Everyone including myself fall behind on evolving Internet technologies. Weather you prefer to manually search the Internet or use Really Simple Syndication (RSS) utilities, the fact is we all need to research information online. Yahoo Pipes is a new tool that allows users to customize a single search from many sources. As an example I often search for "AMSA Austin" to research what others are writing and to locate our popular links.

To shorten this message the below links are examples that demonstrate Pipes search and may help you better understand. The links below search several major Blog sources (Bloglines,,,,, more...) for information with the following keywords, all in one swoop.

Yahoo Pipes (beta) is a interesting tool for collecting and customizing news to your needs. I thought I'd share this new Yahoo product knowledge and invite you to harness this new technology. With a Yahoo user account you can save your favorite Pipes and/or customize them to your liking. There are multitudes of uses, you can discover for yourself. Point your browser at some public Pipes to get a better understanding.

Yahoo Pipes (beta)

* Austin Motosports Association
* Motorcycle News
* Flickr - Motorcycle Pictures
* Deals
* There are many public Pipes for public use see: and search away.