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Nov 2006
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Line Flyer
LineFlyer Line Flyer:
You draw the line with your mouse, then press play to watch the guy ride the line. Can you pull a Travis flip? Jump off the screen and fall for eternity... Can you link one air jump to another line, etc, etc... Cool simplistic fun!

4-25-07 update: Want to see what others do with Line Flyer? I suggest checking out and/or searching these videos on You Tube for some awsome examples.

The first person to post a Line Flyer video (minimum 30 sec) with AMSA advertizement will receive a AMSA t-shirt or something equivelent from the club meeting. You must attend the AMSA club meeting to collect the t-shirt. E-mail the You Tube URI to me: macdillon(at) and I'll update this post with your link.

example 1
example 2
example 3
example 4
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