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Early in 2005 I read an InfoWorld article about Social Bookmarking that caught my attention. Having not heard of this computer term prior, it interested me. As it turns out Social Bookmarking allows anyone to share Internet Bookmarks with a keyword tagging mechanism that allows easy searching amongst systems. Sure you could use Yahoo, Google, and/or other Search Engines but is different. If I had to categorize it I'd say it's sort-of a Peer-to-Peer Bookmark manager allowing you to customize your links to your personal liking. One advantage is access from any computer with Internet access. (acquired by Yahoo) is a social bookmarks manager Web site. There are many out there I've recently learned and this comparison document may help you identify the differences and features. I will primarily be writing from the mindset, although many aspects are similar. allows you to easily discover links or to post links to your personal collection of links, categorize those link resources with keywords/tags, share your collection not only between your own browsers and machines, but also with others. You may even tag certain links semi-private, for only you to view or find these. To start I recommend looking over the help pages, you can learn quickly from this information.

There are several ways you can search resources and many available browser tools specialized for it's use and assist in a plethora of tasks (as well as other
Social Bookmark servers.) I'll discuss Plug-ins later after we introduce the remaining basics (who, where, what, when, & why).

What: is or Social Bookmarking? Well if you didn't get it from my explanation above here's the Help pages '
about'. I think I've covered 'who' already... (Hello - it's for YOU, me, anyone with Internet access).
'Where': Hold on Hoss! Before running off without the rest of the basics you can learn a lot from why you'd want to use Why would you want to use, you ask? Well first off, I can only lead you to it, I can't make you use it, but you may find it useful to share your favorite Web sites/resources and use this as a tool to discover new resources.
Example let's dive in and take a look at my member account, at ( You'll learn my interests, and see my tagged keywords. I'm interested in Accessible Web development, Web standards, Casscading Style Sheets (CSS) technology, Macintosh computers, Motorcycles, guitar, and fun, amongst other tags. These tags help me to recall resources I chose to save and share. If any of these Tags interest you, feel free to explore.

ok, now let's cover Where... The home page allows you to register for your own sub-account and begin creating, sharing, and categorizing your favorite tags and bookmarks. I recommend you surf a while to learn more and explore this new territory. The links below should be a helpful nudge into discovering the world of Delicious Social Bookmarks:

Popular Tags are the current popular Tag from all users in the server systems.
Trendalicious: a near real-time view of Web site popularity trends. Also check out the Delicious tip of the day, Graph A map to others linking to users, Absolutely - A Complete Tool Collection, and Delicious Help pages.

How do you search?

You can search for any keyword tag from the official delicious search form available at:

Last but certainly not least, I encourage the use of the free
FireFox browser and Thunderbird E-mail software over all others for there advanced open standards compliance and features. If you use either of these there are plenty of Plug-in's to assist with easier Tagging and Bookmarking. I suggest reviewing the Absolutely - Complete Tool Collection to learn more about Delicious and available Plug-In's for many various applications besides FireFox and Thunderbird.

I hope this gets you socializing...

Update: added July 2006 -- This is a bit excessive but a trend could be: - Access you Delicious Bookmarks via your Web enabled Cell phone or PDA.

Enjoy the ride!