Big Bend trip report 2011

We had a great trip (April 28- May 1, 2011). Four bikes with 7 riders (3 wives ) Made it to Kerrville the first night (left after work) Stayed at the Super 8, Left in the morning with a cool ride up thru Hunt.

We went the southern route thru Rocksprings, Lake Amistad, Langtry (Judge Roy Bean), Marathon then Big Bend Park. Stayed in the Basin at the Mtn Lodge.

Cool at night and coast race down from the basin the next day. Eat supper first night at the restaurant with a sunset view of the basin window.

2nd day down from the basin, then Ross Maxwell Dr. to Castalon then SantaElena Canyon for a short hike. Great road with super cool viewpoints. Then on to Study Butte for next night. Went to Starlight in Terlingua for drinks and dinner. Good band at the Starlight.

Next day River Rd. to Terlingua ghost town, Lajitas and all the way to Presidio. We stopped at the mountain for a beer a view on the way (thanks for the tip). From Presidio we continued up to Marfa for a late lunch. Got a cooler as we gained elavation. Big concert in Marfa so we moved on to Fort Davis. Saw the burned area between Marfa and Ft. Davis and over towards Alpine. Decided to go Alpine for the night to be closer for our return trip home. Stayed at a cool little old motor lodge called the Antelope Lodge.

Last day we left Alpine and went to Marathon for breakfast. Then on to Sanderson, left then on 285, right on 2400, more burnt areas, then 349 to Sheffield , right on 290 to Fort Lancaster for a break (cool history and good roads). Stopped at your overlook for a good view. We hit the Interstate and wicked it up to 90+ to make time. Next it was Junction and Coopers for a late lunch (meat was too dry). Hauled butt home thru F-burg and J-city. All good.

We all carried a small ice chest for beverages and stops on the road. Never went more than 90 miles with-out a butt break

Stu had a nail in his rear tire with slow leak. We fixed it with our plug kits and CO2 cartridges. Other than that no problems, stayed in hotels and lodges to keep cost down. No good food in west texas though.

Over 1200 miles in 4 ½ days. Would have liked to explore Ft. Davis area and roads but fires were still burning so we passed. Next Time!


Here are a few photos... enjoy!

Noonan's photos from Big Bend 2011

Yes the mountain on river rd is awesome. Who won the coast race (heaviest bike I bet)? I believe it's Kirk that jumps across the gap onto that rock that's looks like it's about to fall - barely holding on - he's Nuts!
And Marty going up the mountain on his Goldwing across from it there... LOL! (see the third photo here).
Was the Observatory open? I guess you didn't go to the star gazing at night. It was likely closed due to the fire still? That's pretty cool & really educational - to boot. It can't still be burning, is it?
Guessed you missed the Cave bar near the Star Light bar - gotta save stuff for another time I understand. It looks like the new golf course will not be open so we're going to go back to Alpine for our annual shot & drive golf tournament. Reminds me - someone else needs to bring the Markers Mark or Crown this time.
I'm packing this weekend we're leaving on Wednesday around noon (I think). Anyone interested in riding to Fredricksberg? We may have a few riding there and having some beers in the brewery then coming back to Austin.

Let's all get together for a bike night when we get back and compare stories.

Getting new rubber on Saturday & packing... Can't wait! 7 days & counting!


Hey John,
I won the coast race BJ's cruiser overheated the brakes.
Some of those rocks did look like they were gonna fall while I was on them
Go see Kathy at the Kosmic Cafe(trailer) in Study Butte for breakfast, excellent burritos!! Try the John Wayne burrito. Fill you up pardner.
Tell her you are a dirt biker. Give you something extra special maybe.

I have been to the Cave (La Kiva) bar, make sure you go down into the cave!

Fires still burning up at the Observatory, they were letting them burn themselves out( I asked) so we passed, next time hopefully

All in all a very good trip, just needed a couple extra days to really do it up.
We really wanted to ride up Pinto canyon out of Ruidoso towards Marfa, just ran out of time.